How to Export/Import Hudl Stats

MaxPreps and Hudl have teamed up to save coaches time and increase the exposure for teams and athletes. For Statistics from Hudl to MaxPreps, there is a direct stat sync in place only for Football. Coaches will have to approve the awaiting stats files. For Basketball, Volleyball and Lacrosse will be an export from Hudl and Import into MaxPreps option. Please select the correct section you are inquiring about. 

Football Only:

Directions for Importing Hudl Stats:

Hudl Grey icon means the game is connected to Hudl.

Hudl Orange icon means Hudl stats are pending approval.

Go to and sign in to your Coach Admin Account.

1. On the navigation bar, select Schedule.

2. From the schedule page, find the game you want to import the stats for. You will select the pencil.JPG icon on the right-hand side and click on, "Edit Score."

3. At the top of the box score page, you will see the Hudl file waiting to be imported.

3. Select, Continue, and review this file. This page will show you the stats you're about to import. You can't make changes on this page. You will be able to make corrections on the following pages if need be.

4. Select, Publish & Continue, for each stat category. (Offense, defense, special teams & scoring) to complete the import process. Feel free to make any edits on these pages. 

The stats will appear on the main team pages within 15-30 min of adding them within your coach admin account. 

Import Alerts:

  • Stats have already been entered for this game - importing stats will override anything you currently have entered for the game. You will see this alert if you already have data entered.  
  • Unassigned Stats Alert - you have stats to import that are not assigned to a player, thus will not be imported. For more information on this alert click here.

Don't see your Hudl File:

If you don't see a Hudl file for a particular game, it may not have transferred over. You can get the file transferred to MaxPreps by logging into your Hudl account and adding or editing one box of data. (For example, add a zero to a box for a player.) Save the game and the "updated" file will transfer over to MaxPreps within a few minutes. 

Football - Hudl Stats Issues: 

Experiencing some Football stat issues with Hudl? Don't worry. Follow the link below to see how to make the corrections.  

Football Hudl Stat Issues

Export Hudl Stats:

Coaches, you can easily export and import your Basketball, Volleyball and Lacrosse Hudl stats to MaxPreps. 

Exporting your Hudl Stats:

Login to your Hudl account on your computer. Follow Hudl instructions here to download the correctly formatted Stat file for import to MaxPreps.

1. Hudl will generate a .txt file to fit MaxPreps’ specifications. Save the .txt file to your computer. If the file has any special characters in the file name, please rename to "import.txt".

The stats will appear on the main team pages within 15-30 min of adding them within your coach admin account. 

Import Hudl Stats:

Import your Hudl Stats into MaxPreps:

Go to and sign in to your Coach Admin Account.

  1. Once you have downloaded the proper Hudl Stat file you will head over to your MaxPreps Coach admin page for your team. Click on the Schedule tab on your Navigation Bar.
  2. In the, "Manage Schedule" section, find the game you are looking to upload your Hudl Stats to.
  3. Click the pencil icon on the right-hand side, shown below.

  4. Select, "Edit Score."

  5. Once you have made it to the Edit Score page you should see a button below the box score to click that says "Save & Import Stats"
  6. Choose the File from your computer that you have downloaded from Hudl. Please note if the file contains special characters in the file name you will need to rename your Hudl File to "import.txt". Then Click the green Import Button.

You will see your changes made immediately in your team admin, but it may take 15-30 minutes for them to show on the public end.


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