Setting up the MaxPreps/HUDL Data Sync

Looking to set up the sync between MaxPreps and HUDL?

To get started, Hudl Support can link your team to MaxPreps so rosters, schedules, scores, stats and highlights can sync between Hudl and MaxPreps.

Getting started after your team is linked:

  1. Enter your schedule in MaxPreps (Directions).

  2. Login to Hudl and import your schedule by following these steps:
    Go to Team
    ➡️ Manage Team ➡️ Linked with MaxPreps (upper right) ➡️click Import

  3. Update your roster in Hudl under Team ➡️ Manage Team.

  4. Click Public Roster in the upper right corner.

  5. Update your roster and mark athletes as ‘yes’ to sync to MaxPreps, or ‘no’ to remove from MaxPreps. How to: Detailed Roster Directions

  6. Please make sure only athletes you want to show on MaxPreps are tagged as ‘yes’ on the Public Roster tab in Hudl, and double check your roster on MaxPreps.

  7. After each game, send your box score from Hudl to MaxPreps.

        - For Football go to Team ➡️Stats. Select the game, and click Send this Box Score How to: Send Football Stat Directions

       - Volleyball, Basketball, and Lacrosse coaches can export stats from Hudl, and then import the stat file to MaxPreps. How to: Export Stat Directions

  8. Mark videos as ‘Highlights’ in Hudl and they will show on your MaxPreps team and athlete pages.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I check if my Hudl team is linked to MaxPreps?

In Hudl, navigate to the team tab and click on Manage Team.

In the upper right hand corner it will show a green “Linked with MaxPreps”, or a red “Not linked with MaxPreps”.

If it is not linked you will need to reach out to Hudl support to be successfully linked.

Why does my MaxPreps roster have extra athletes?

If your MaxPreps roster has a high number of athletes, please note the Hudl ‘Public Roster’ is what shows on MaxPreps. The public roster is found within your Hudl admin on the manage team tab in the upper right corner.
All names that appear here marked as ‘yes’ will show on MaxPreps.

Does the schedule sync from Hudl to MaxPreps?

Yes, but only if both teams are active on Hudl. If only one team is using Hudl, the game will need to be entered in MaxPreps.

If games don’t show on both sites, the game will need to be added on whichever site is missing the game.

Manual linking of a game can be performed by Hudl or MaxPreps staff.

Any further questions? Reach out to our support team or HUDL's!

Hudl Support: Visit

MaxPreps Support: 

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