Roster Management

Coaches you can enter your roster through your coach admin account. You can also email the roster to and we will enter the roster for you within 3-5 business days. 

Things to Note when Adding your Roster:

  • Athlete's highlighted in Green - Contain stats on MaxPreps. 
  • If the team uses Hudl, the coach has to manage the roster & schedule details on Hudl in order for it to be accurate on MaxPreps.
  • If you send a roster to, that is different than what is published on Hudl. MaxPrep won't be able to make any changes since MaxPreps can't over ride Hudl.
  • Any additions/corrections will appear on the main site within 15-30 min. 

Adding & Editing your Roster:

Go to and sign into your Coach Admin account. 

1. Go to the Roster tab and select Athletes. 

 4. On the Manage Roster page, select  to add you athletes.  

 5. On the Add Player page, fill out the required information. 

  • First & Last Name 
  • Grade

You can also add the athlete profile photo through this section as well. 


6. To add a single athlete, select . To add more than one athlete to the roster, select . 

7. You have the ability to Edit your current athletes, or Delete,  athletes from your roster. 

Adding your Staff Roster:

You can add your Coaching Staff to your team rosters. The coaching staff will be listed below your roster on them roster page on MaxPreps.

Go to and sign into your Coach Admin account. 

1. Go to the Roster tab and select Staff.

2. From the staff roster section you will want to click .

4. Enter the staff members information regarding their name and role.

  • Assistant coaches 
  • Statisticians  

5. Select Save & Exit when finished or if you are adding more than one staff member, select Save & Add Another Staff Member to add more than on staff member. 

Import your Roster:

Coaches, if you don't want to manually add your roster, you do have the option to import the roster to MaxPreps in an Microsoft Excel sheet. 

Go to and sign into your Coach Admin account. 

1. Go to the Roster tab and select Import Roster. 

2. Read ALL the formatting requirements for the roster file. 

Formatting Requirements for your Roster file:

  • Your import file must be CSV (comma separated values). In Excel, export your file into CSV by using "Save As" and selecting CSV as the file type.
  • The first row in your file must be the column headers. The required column headers are outlined below.
  • While all column headers below must be present in the file, the columns can be in any order, and only last name, jersey and class year must have data.If the athlete already exists, then it will not be added or modified.
  • If there is an error in the file, then the roster will not import until the values are corrected.
Required Column Headers Accepted Values & Rules
iscaptain Yes, No
jersey * 0 - 9999
firstname Cannot contain numbers
lastname * Cannot contain numbers
bio Cannot be more than 500 characters
classyear * 5 - 12 (numbers only)
heightfeet 4 - 7 (numbers only)
heightinches 0 - 11 (numbers only)
weight 10 - 999 (numbers only)

 A value must be present in this column for all athletes.









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