Coaches entering your stats on MaxPreps is easy. Depending on the sport, it takes about 5-10 minutes to enter complete game stats into the MaxPreps system.


How to Manually Enter/Edit Stats

Manually Entering/Editing your Stats:

Go to and sign in to your Coach Admin Account.   

1. Go to Schedule on the navigation bar and select Games.   

2. To ADD/EDIT your teams stats, select the pencil button.  

3. Option 1: Under the final score select, 'Enter Stats'.

Option 2:Or you can click on the pencil button and select, 'Enter Stats'.


Both options will direct you to the stat entry page. 

4. This is where you will enter the individual athlete stats. Publish and Continue each stat field section until you reach the end which is Enter Player of the Game

The stats will appear on the team page within 15-30 min.

How to Enter in Season to Date Stats

Season to Date Stat Entry:

We have a stat feature called Season-to-Date that allows coaches to enter their team stat information as a season total, a ONE TIME entry. You can use the Season-to-Date stat entry to get caught up mid-season.

Note: Season-to-Date stats override any stat information entered prior to the date you enter the season stats. If you have game-by-game stats entered and then enter Season-to-Date stats, those game-by-game stats will be overwritten. 

Go to and sign in to your Coach Admin Account.   

1. Go to  Stats on the taskbar and select Enter Stats. 

2. Your schedule will populate for you, scroll to the very bottom of the page. 

3.  On the Season to Date Stats section, select the box and select Enter Season-to-Date Stats


4. On the following page, be sure to set the date of which the stats go through.

(Example: If the stats are entered after the last game on 10/1/20, you would select 10/1/2020)


5. Enter the team stats in the grid provided and select, Publish & Continue to save the stats.  

The stats will appear on the team page within 15-30 min.

How to import your stats

Import your Stats into MaxPreps quickly:

Go to and sign in to your Coach Admin Account.

1. On the white navigation bar, select Stats and from the drop-box, select Enter Stats.

3. From the schedule page, find the game you want to import the stats for. You will select the pencil button. 

4. Enter the box scores or final score and select, Save & Import Stats

5. Choose File the file you saved to your computer and select, Import

6. On the stats page, you will be able to see your athlete's stats. From here, you will select, Calculate Team totals and Publish & Continue the stats. 

The stats will appear on the main team pages within 15-30 min of adding them within your coach admin account.

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